A Generic Guitar Inspires a Distinctive Project

I always get excited when I walk into a pawnshop and see an off-brand or no name guitar.  Besides their  unique shapes and hardware that can make them look like a cross between a 60’s sci-fi movie prop and an antique kitchen appliance, I find them to be great for filling niche needs.  They can be made into a dedicated slide guitar, used for altered and Nashville tuning or converted into a fretless guitar without stressing about harming or permanently altering a more valuable guitar.  They are also great guinea pigs for honing your guitar repair skills on  since they can be often had for dirt cheap.

Guitarist and composer Nick Didkovsky and Forever Einstein guitarist Charles O’Meara also have an affinity for the generic axe and decided to create a recording project that was centered around one such guitar.  Check out the NY Times article link below.

The $100 Guitar Project, in which 69 musicians played on the same guitar purchased on eBay, releases a CD.

I also frequent Subway Guitar’s website as they have a great collection European and lesser known guitars.  If you have an interest in unique and somewhat crazy looking guitars, check it out.