Guitar Organ Thing

I am always on the lookout for cool free plugins.  This week I came across two, that I think when put together, turns a guitar into a pretty decent fake organ.  I wouldn’t use it in situations where the organ is the primary instrument, but as an instrument sitting back in a mix, it might just do the trick.

The first one is the Stomp King SK-6 Ro-Tube.

Stomp King SK-6 Ro-Tube

As the name suggest, it’s a rotary speaker emulator.  This is one of the better ones I have come across.  It has a warm, retro, slightly over-driven, pulsing sound that reminds me of an old jazz organ trio album.  I also like its straight forward layout and simple controls.  I see myself using this one a lot in the future.

The second one is the 4 Band Shifter.

4 Band Shifter

The cool thing about this one is that you can shift the pitch of 4 independent frequency bands.  For my guitar organ thing, I was able to shift 0hz to 540hz up a perfect 5th and frequencies 540hz through 10khz up an octave.  Then I blended the effect into my guitar track about 25%.  This gave, to my ears, a sort of drawbar effect.  When Combined with the Stomp King SK-6 Ro-Tube, I thought it produced a pretty good fake organ sound.

I made a quick demo of the combination and posted it below.  Sorry for the watermark in the middle of the screen,  I used a video editing program I was checking out.

6 Comments on “Guitar Organ Thing”

  1. Very Nice Sweet Lush Bee Bop M@

  2. Reblogged this on Zombie Minstrel and commented:
    M@ over at Guitar WTF posted this very cool bee bop inspired piece using free Windows compatible VST’s (Sorry Apple folks) that as he put it “as an instrument sitting in a track in might just do the trick.” I think so, Read on and listen 🙂

  3. Liz-Magee says:

    This is excellent- I don’t usually leave comments but felt compelled to in this case. I really thought I was listening to Wes Montgomery. Thanks, GWTF!

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