Spider guitar dazzles with style and sound (w/ Video)

Spider guitar dazzles with style and sound (w/ Video).

A while back I posted about a physics professor in New Zealand that had built some unique guitars using 3D printing technology.  In the post I ask the question, “do guitarist suffer from cenophobia, or the fear of new ideas and things?“.  In reality the vast majority of guitars being sold are based on designs and technology from over 50 years ago, personally I am OK with this.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Recently there was a new article on these guitars which included a video featuring the guitar being played.  I say this at the risk of sounding like an old school guitar snob, I thought it sounded like a toy.  It had no character or soul to it’s tone, even if it did I don’t know if I could get past its appearance.  “My name is Matt and I have cenophobia.”

2 Comments on “Spider guitar dazzles with style and sound (w/ Video)”

  1. Unfortunately it is broke, we’re running out of tone woods rapidly. Gibson’s CEO was quoted as saying he suspects in ten years Guitars will be built much differently due to lack of Tone Wood materials. Taylor Guitars struck a deal with a Indian tribe in Alaska that has one of the largest reservations in the world with old growth Spruce trees so Taylor can keep making spruce top acoustic guitars. I believe the deal was to be like lease land is in cities like Rancho Cucamonga is in CA lasting 100 years.

    On of my last G.A.S. acquisitions is going to be A Les Paul Standard or Custom before this happens. I have every guitar I desire except that particular one because Paul’s are so pricy and have been for years.

    • Matt Fleming says:

      Good times are coming to an end, get them while you can. If Gibson’s CEO is right I wonder if all traditionally made guitars, not just vintage, will see a considerable increase in value. Years ago I played a Rainsong graphite acoustic and thought is was great. It had a distinct tone that wasn’t very “woody” but it didn’t sound bad and it played great. I hope guitar manufactures are doing their R&D on alternatives to tone wood now instead of waiting for the ball to drop.

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