Free Virtual Guitar Builders

Update 5/15:  There is a virtual guitar building contest at  The object of the contest is to “build” the “weirdest/funniest/ugliest” guitar.  I’m entered, but the competition is getting fierce.  Win or lose it’s all fun.

It’s Friday and its been a long week.  I think I will zone out in front of the computer and design my dream guitar using these cool virtual guitar builders.

Ugly Guitar Contestant  Build a virtual Stratocaster, Telecaster, or Eddie Van Halen style guitar.  Lots of options including a wide selection of bridges, pickups, woods, and colors.  Who said you have to be famous to have a Stratocaster built to your specifications?  Not really sure what the point of this one is.  I don’t see an option to actually have it made.  Still fun.  A virtual guitar builder for the UK based Baily Guitars.  I recently ran across this one and it is awesome. You can build a Les Paul or SG style guitar with a ridiculous number of options including aging, hollow body, every type of burst paint pattern, and much more.

Frank Montag Guitar Editor

Have fun, just don’t get caught by the boss. shared links to several other virtual guitar builders.   Thanks!!

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