Free Vst Amp Suite: Acme Shred 1.0

I’ve been using Acme Bar Gig’s Shred 1.0 free amp suite for a while now and I am liking it more each time I use it.  Is has many of the features you would find on other amp suites such as:

  • Six unique heads ranging from classic American, vintage British, to over the top modern
  • Multiple speaker cabinets
  • Adjustable microphone placement
  • Different room acoustics
  • Built in effects and processing including reverb, delay, tremolo, filter, treble booster, noise gate, and pickup replicator

Acme Shred 1.0 Free Amp Suite

FrankenAMP Head

The coolest feature is the “Franken Amp”.  You can take pieces from the six amp heads and create your own unique head.  If you want the tone stack of an American amp, the gain of a modern amp, and the power section of a British amp, all you need to do is click and drag it.  Hours of tweaking fun.

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