Free Guitar VST, BTE Audio’s TS’ Secret

The cost of indulging in many of my passions seems to be getting more expensive by the minute.  It’s nice when I come across something useful that is reasonably priced, it’s even better when it’s free.  Despite  TS’ Secret’s cheap price tag (FREE!), I have found it to be an indispensable plugin.  It gives me the extra clarity and responsiveness I was looking for while using my VST guitar amp simulators.

At first look you will notice the nods it gives to an Ibanez Tube Screamer in appearance, not to mention the use of the letters “TS”.  I like to use it in front of   Lepou’s’s HyBrit free amp simulator much like I use a real Tube Screamer with my tube amps.  I turn the drive way down, the level way up and adjust the tone to taste.  It makes an already great sounding amp simulator sound more open and dynamic.  I really like what it does to my clean tones, it makes the amp simulator respond much like a real tube amp on the verge of breakup.  If I pick light it stays clean, as I dig in it pushes it into overdrive territory.

Amp simulators and VST effects have really improved since their humble beginnings.  I still prefer my Top Hat and Fender amps, but when the neighbors are sleeping this is more than adequate.

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