Recycled Record Reviews

As I was making a new playlist for my iPod I had a nostalgic moment.  I remembered the time I was scraping up all the change I could find so on Tuesday (new release day), I could go to the record store and get the new Van Halen tape, “Fair Warning.”

It’s much more impulsive nowadays, no more standing in the store with an album in each hand for 30 minutes trying to make a decision.  Now I just click my mouse and the magic of credit does the rest.  Not seeing actual funds transfer from my hand to a store’s cash register has made the purchasing of music practically mindless, making me Apple’s target market.  I probably have over a hundred songs that could find their way to my computer’s recycle bin and I wouldn’t even notice.

This brief moment of nostalgia inspired me to dig out my boxes of tapes and compact discs and take a trip down memory lane. I hadn’t played many of them for over ten years, it was like I was listening to them with a brand new set of ears.  Some were better than I remembered while others were almost painfully embarrassing to listen to.

I decided to blindly pick an album once a week and write a review about it.  Maybe it will turn someone on to something new or perhaps it will remind someone of music they have forgotten.  All I know is that I’m having fun doing it even if some of the albums might give me undesirable flashbacks.

I am going to post my first review tomorrow, until then check out the audio below.  I took small clips from five of the albums I dug out and smashed them together, see if you can guess the guitarist.  I’ll post who they are tomorrow.

Have you dug out any old albums lately?

CLICK HERE!! – Guess the Guitarists – CLICK HERE !! 3/6/12

2 Comments on “Recycled Record Reviews”

  1. polarbear4 says:

    I dig out old records all the time, often for the purpose of selecting songs to put on my iPod. A song really can transport you back to the time when you first heard it and bring back some fond memories (it also can sometimes date your age, but that’s another story). It’s funny, now “old records for me means older CDs, when I can remember a time when “records” meant vinyl. Some days I wish I still had my vinyl and cassette collections, but somehow they seemed to have vanished over time. Oh well. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

    • MTF says:

      I have some vinyl (did I just date myself?), just nothing to play them on. I’m listening to the album for the review right now. I’m really digging it, one of my favorite players. It disappoints me that I haven’t listened to it is so long. Thanks for the comment.

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